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Sam Smith Records Theme Song for New James Bond Movie ‘Spectre’

Sam Smith

The ‘Stay With Me’ hitmaker – who was confirmed as the singer for the ‘SPECTRE’ theme song – thinks he gave the song entitled ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ the best ”f***ing shot” he could and hopes he has made a song that will be remembered years after. He said: ”For me it’s about making the most timeless songs that will last forever. I’ve given it a good f**king shot. I love the song.

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Sam Smith Records New Theme Song

”With Bond, if you go back through the songs not all of them won Oscars, even the most timeless ones.” Talking about making the track alongside the film’s director Sam Mendes and iconic record producer, Jimmy Napes, Sam, 23, admitted some of the lyrics had to be changed as Mendes felt parts of the song ”weren’t working”. He told The Sun newspaper: ”It’s his [Mendes] film and vision and there were certain sonics and lyrics he felt maybe weren’t working and needed to work in certain ways.”

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sam smith new song

The GQ Award’s Best Solo Artist winner also shared how he had to tell a few fibs to hide that he was chosen to make the song and joked that he has become a ”really good” liar as a consequence. He added: ”You figured it out and then I had to lie through my teeth, which isn’t much fun. My lying is really good now, when you say ‘genuinely’ people believe it.”

Source: tv3.ie

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