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Rihanna Posts offensive Photo on Twitter

Rihanna offensive Photo on Twitter

Rihanna offensive Photo on TwitterSuperhot bombshell Rihanna posted a provocative photo on twitter which is showing her bare legs and the caption says come here you rude boy. The picture is obscene and the singer is asking for danger.

Rihanna who is known to be one of the hottest celebrities posted a photo on twitter recently which shows her bare legs and the caption is inviting and it says ‘Come here you rude boy’. The singer is also reported to have said that being single sucks.

She also said something about being single on Jonathan Ross Show. Rihanna said that being single is so overrated and that she does not want to be single anymore. She’s been missing what it is like to be with someone and she is being open about it. She says that she wants someone to share her life experiences with. She wants to date someone cool, fun and funny she said.

Rihanna has been single ever since she broke up with Chris Brown after he assaulted her at Grammy’s. She has been single for three years now and she is done with it.

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