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Rebel Kristen Stewart

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The ‘Twilight Saga’ actress Kristen Stewart is happy to follow her heart and work on movies that interest her, rather than take advice and accept roles in big Hollywood productions and wants to ”revolutionise” the things she doesn’t like. Asked if she is a rebel, she said: ”I think it all started when I stopped listening to others and I decided to take a break from the big Hollywood productions to focus on films for which I earn less but that I believe will repay me later on instead. If not financially, at least personally.

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Rebel Kristen Stewart“However, it’s accurate; I am a rebel. I am talking about, I favor doing things change and my method what I actually do not like alternatively.” The 25-year old celebrity believes the important thing to joy is determining what “you really want” as early in existence as you can. She said: “I think it is important to figure out as soon as possible what you really want. Somebody nevertheless does not understand at 50 yrs old. I believe if you like to achieve the real joy it is important.”

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She told Italy’s Gioia magazine: ”I believe that learning is an ongoing process; you never really stop to discover who you really are. Life changes you constantly. I do a job that allows me to discover other souls and that makes me go deeply into the mind and thoughts of other women and it’s a process that helps me to grow.”

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