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Olivia Culpo Undergoes Surgery to Treat Endometriosis

Beauty queen Olivia Culpo has undergone surgery for endometriosis a year after being diagnosed with the painful condition.

Nick Jonas’ ex took to social media on Thursday to detail her three-hour-long procedure with a series of photos from the hospital.

“Yesterday I had surgery for my endometriosis,” she wrote on Instagram. “Not a very glamorous post but I felt like I needed to share this to create more awareness around this disease.

“Endometriosis is a condition where tissue from the uterine lining decides to grow in other random parts of your body, causing pain. This can interfere with fertility and overall health and honestly – happiness… I have been in agony for years around my period and I was misdiagnosed countless times by doctors.”

Olivia went on the explain medics prescribed painkillers and rest until one realised her health issues were so much more than bad periods.

“I know a lot of people out there in the Endo community are familiar with these diagnoses which is why I am so passionate about this,” she added. “Painful periods are not normal!!! I want to say thank you to @drvilasagar_endosurgeon and the amazing hospital staff at @atriumhealth who took care of me. You guys were literally angels to me and I am so grateful.

“To anyone out there who has endometriosis, I understand the depression, and overall loneliness that can occur with a condition that is so painful yet so hard to be interpreted by other people outside of the body.

“It’s hard when chronic pain is not validated and you don’t get an answer or understanding. To my Endo warriors, I will continue to spread more awareness around endometriosis so that your symptoms can be validated. You are not alone and you are so strong!!!!”

She also shared a photo of her swollen stomach after the operation, showing bandages over three areas where incisions had been made.

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