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Meghan Markle trying her hand at fiction writing for children

Meghan Markle may be preparing herself to get involved in yet another exciting venture following her exit from the British royal family with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex, according to the latest intel, could now be trying her hand at writing a novel which would either be a work of fiction for children or adults, as report by the Mail on Sunday.

A source dished the details about Meghan’s upcoming endeavors, saying: “Meghan has some experience as a writer and used to have a popular blog called The Tig before she met Harry that covered health, travel, food and fashion.”

“Fiction is something she has always wanted to try her hand at, and she could be assured that anything she writes would sell well, regardless of its quality,” said the source.

“Fiction, be it children’s books or adult, would be a powerful way of conveying the messages of their woke brand,” they revealed.

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