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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Simulate Hot Performing On ‘SNL’

Lady Gaga Hot Performing

Lady Gaga SexWhen R. Kelly made an unannounced appearance to accompany Lady Gaga on their song, “Do What U Want,” on the Nov. 16 episode of Saturday Night Live, we figured they had something shocking in store for us. But not even we could have predicted the two singers laying down on the stage and practically going at it with each other!

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Get Freaky On ‘SNL’

The funky, upbeat song started normally enough, with Lady Gaga performing the song solo in a racy, plunging neckline, glittery jumpsuit. Compared to some of Gaga’s other performances, it was rather tame But that subdued attitude must have been a ploy to dull the audience’s senses before R. Kelly took the stage. The performance immediately took on a much more sexual vibe from there, with Gaga first kneeling down in front of Robert in a pose that suggested oral sex.

And then the main event: Lady Gaga actually laid down on the SNL stage as R. Kelly crept towards her on his knees. The R&B crooner (who has a rep for being a bit of a deviant) proceeded to do pushups over Gaga’s body as she continued singing breathily. R. Kelly then picked her up so that she could gyrate with her legs wrapped around his midsection.

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly: Was There Performance Too Much?

The hook of the song is “Do what you want with my body” — it’s fair to say R. Kelly followed that demand We can’t say we’re surprised by how Gaga’s performance went down — it’s Gaga, she’s always shocking — but it was certainly amusing to see her and R. Kelly get so physical What did you think of the performance, HollywoodLifers? Was it too racy or just regular old Gaga? Let us know!


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