When the recent announcement was made that they were back together, a source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that they were “happy to have their family back together.”

However, problems seem to be brewing in paradise between them already. There are rumors going around that Scott is secretly cheating on Jenner with the Instagram model, Young Sweet Ro. This is who he was rumored to be cheating with in the past and what had caused them to break up in the first place.

Many of Jenner and Scott’s fans are concerned about their relationship, not for their sake, but for their daughter, Stormi Webster’s sake. They are encouraging the couple to get their stuff together for their daughter’s sake. They want what is best for all three of them but mainly for little Stormi.

One fan, on a recent Reddit discussion about Jenner and Scott, said, “I hope for Stormi’s sake they get their lives together. It’d be sad for her to look online when she’s older and see her first few years of her life was in the middle of a love triangle scandal.”

Fans are also in agreement that Young Sweet Ro is causing a lot of the drama by posting her own comments on Instagram. They say she is making the drama worse between Jenner and Scott by posting the stuff she is posting and showing her own immaturity at the same time.

One commenter on Reddit said, “Yungsweetro just posted ‘people be in a secret competition with you and still be losing’ to her IG story too…”

And, another Reddit commenter said, “I just can’t understand how this situation would be beneficial for Ro or Kylie. If the rumors are true, Travis clearly doesn’t respect either of them and should be thrown in the trash tbh.”

Whatever seems to be going on between Jenner and Scott now, and if it is because of Ro, hopefully, they will stop being so selfish and listen to their fans and think about their daughter’s well-being in all of this.