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Kim Kardashian gives Dating advice to young woman at airport… but wasn’t too happy about taking her Shoes off at Security

Kim Kardashian taking Shoes off

She may have been surrounded by an NYPD escort and her entourage, but Kim Kardashian still made the time to give some love advice to a fan at JFK airport.

Kim Kardashian Shoes off at Airport

After walking through airport security, Kim spoke to a young lady who had called out her name to congratulate her on her pregnancy news; and seeing the tears in the girl’s eyes, the 31-year old had to find out what was wrong.

Kim Kardashian 2013

Discovering that the British girl had just said goodbye to her American boyfriend, Kim said, ‘It will be OK sweetie, love waits when it’s right.’  Speaking exclusively to MailOnline the young woman from Yorkshire said that Kim was lovely to meet and happily said hello when she first called out the Kardashian’s name on Wednesday night: ‘She was going through the metal detector next to me and so I called out to say congrats on the baby news.’

‘On the other side of security, Kim Kardashian saw that I had tears in my eyes and asked me “What’s the matter sweetie?”, the 24-year old explains.  ‘I told her that I had just said goodbye to my boyfriend who lives in New York and that’s when she gave me those kind words.’ There’s every possibility that Kim had to remind herself of those words after the news of her pregnancy, as she is still legally bound to estranged husband Kris Humphries.

Now expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West, both have clearly had to show a lot of patience as her divorce proceedings show no near signs of an official resolution even though it’s been two years since she ended things with the basketball player. But Kim was happy to chat to a fan, although she wasn’t too keen on taking her heels off to go through the airport metal detectors. Known for being a bit of a clean freak, her fan said she looked ‘unhappy’ when she had to walk through in her bare feet.

Taking off her black tuxedo jacket, the expectant mother placed her belongings and Giuseppi shoes into a basket and walked through in a white shirt and matching black trousers. Clearly Kim had packed light on this trip as this was the same outfit that she had worn on The Late Show With David Letterman. Kourtney – who also appeared on the chat show – arrived with Kim and her daughter Penelope, but the eldest Kardashian wasn’t in as good a mood as her younger sister.

According to the Yorkshire lass, the 32-year old was angry with staff as they tried to check her pram: ‘I think they were expecting Kourtney to take Penelope out of the pram, but then she started to shout!’ she said.. Surprisingly the sisters had no bodyguards but benefited from a New York police officer escort made up of four cops, who took them through the airport to their departure lounge. Kourtney later arrived in LA, makeup free and without her sister.

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