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Katy Perry Sets a New Twitter Record With 90 Million Followers

Katy Perry 90 Million Twitter Followers

Katy Perry, if you didn’t already know, is the queen of Twitter. She is the most-followed person in the world on the 140-character (ish) social network. And today, she just reached a milestone for herself, and for Twitter in general: She hit 90 million followers.

Fittingly, Twitter Celebrated Her Accomplishment with a Tweet.

Katy Perry has a healthy lead over the next two most-followed personalities on Twitter — her contemporaries Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber has 83.8 million followers (at the time this post was written), while Swift is slightly farther behind with 79 million. Interestingly, Katy Perry didn’t secure her lead by joining incredibly early on. Twitter was founded in 2006;Katy Perry Sets New Twitter Record

Katy Perry joined in February of 2009, and Justin Bieber started using it a month later. Swift started using Twitter slightly earlier, in December 2008.

Katy Perry’s Most Re Tweeted Tweet Hails All the Way Back from 2012:

Congratulations on the milestone, Katy Perry! Now we’ll go back to pretending our own (mumble mumble) follower count is something to be proud of.

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