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Katy Perry Goes Blue with Her Hair

Katy Perry with Blue Hair

Katy Perry with Blue HairKaty Perry was caught with blue hair while going to Paris fashion week. How cool is that and she was wearing a matching jacket as well. Katy seems to have a lot of guts in order to do something like that but she looks hot as usual.

Katy Perry has been doing different things lately. Seeking a lot of attention first with the revealing dress she wore which showed her underwear and now blue hair is all what is going to strike at the fashion week. Katy Perry was caught with her hair dyed blue and was wearing a matching blue jacket to go to the fashion week how fashionable Katy is.

But the blue hair and blue jacket was not what was going on in Katy’s life. According to Huffington post Katy has also been offered by Harvey Weinstein for Britain’s got talent Paul Potts. Well this isn’t the first time that KatyPerry has been offered by Harvey Weinstein because last year she was offered to do a role of Marilyn Monroe in a stage version of my week with Marilyn.

It would be interesting to see her in films as she’s is hot and is ready for everything.

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