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Kate Upton Strips for Antarctic Photo Shoot


Kate Upton Strips Photo Shoot

Kate Upton and Lindsay Lohan have something in common … because Kate’s assets were FROZEN recently — when the curvaceous 20-year-old model stripped down to her skivvies for an Antarctica photo shoot … where the temperature hit 35 BELOW!!!

We’re told Upton and a camera crew boarded a private 10-day cruise from Argentina to Antarctica for a super-secret Sports Illustrated cover shoot. The cruise departed November 29th and returned December 9th. The photos were shot both on the cruise — with massive icebergs as a backdrop — as well as on the penguin-filled islands off the coast of the frozen continent. But don’t worry — we’re told Upton only stripped to a bikini for a few minutes at a time … and was otherwise wrapped in a pimpalicious fur coat. As for the giant Oreo man — 2012 marks the 100th year since the inception of the tastiest cookie in the universe … and for some reason, this guy felt like celebrating. – TMZ

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