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Julia Roberts Kids Do Not Watch Her Movies

Julia Roberts Movies

Julia Roberts MoviesJulia Roberts is one of the best actresses Hollywood has witnessed and her kids don’t get to see her movies. She has done quite a number of movies but they haven’t seen any of them. It will take some time till they get to see their mother’s movies.

Julia Roberts has three children, the twins are 7 years old and Henry is 4 years old. They will have to wait for her family flick movie Mirror Mirror to watch it. Julia thinks that her kids are too young to see her roles in movies such as in which she plays the role of Snow White’s evil Queen.

Julia and her husband Danny Moder who is head of photography have a very rigid point of view in their home when it comes to showing their work to their kids. She said that they will find an appropriate time to show them their work but it is not going to happen in another two weeks. At the moment her kids don’t watch any movies or television shows at all.

She also said that the hours before bed time they spend cuddling and reading books and talking about their day. Julia and Danny spend story time with their kids in family time instead of being surrounded by television.

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