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Jennifer Lawrence Can Read David O. Russell’s Mind

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The 25-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence teamed up with the director on recent movie ‘Joy’, their third film together, and admits that she has got so used to working alongside him now she often finishes his sentences on set. She said: ”There’s such a shorthand that I actually had to apologise to this director I’m working with now. I know what sentence is going to come out of David’s mouth … sometimes he’s like, Jennifer Lawrence …,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, uh huh, totally.’

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Jennifer Lawrence and David O Russell

”So I keep interrupting this director and I feel bad. We have such a shorthand we can read each other’s minds.” ‘Joy’ tells the real story of how single mother-of-two Joy Mangano managed to build up a business dynasty after inventing the Miracle Mop, and Jennifer Lawrence – who plays the titular character – sees some similarities between herself and the entrepreneur.

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Speaking to movie website JoBlo, she added: ”I understand the vigilance that needs to go into making something happen, making your dreams come true. ”What it feels like when nobody believes in you but yourself and how important that is to continue believing in yourself, and also the ugliness of success ”It’s very beautiful and very fun but it’s also very ugly, and it can be very sad.”

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