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Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch splits from actor boyfriend

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch splits from actor boyfriend

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has split from her longtime boyfriend Robbie Jarvis.  The actress, who played Luna Lovegood in the Potter film series, fell for Jarvis, who portrayed the boy wizard’s father as a young man in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, after meeting him at a ComicCon event in Chicago, Illinois in 2013. 


But when she was asked about her partner at the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere in New York City last week (10Nov16), she told one reporter she was no longer dating the actor, but they were “still friends”. It seems the split was recent as just last month (Oct16). Jarvis posted a throwback photo from a vacation the two stars took in New Zealand on social media, and in May (16) Lynch told the Irish Independent how she and Robbie kept the romance alive while they were working on separate continents, revealing she flew back to the U.K. to visit him every two months. evanna lynch boyfriend.

“He lives in Cambridge (England) and we see each other every two months, which kind of sucks, but I also feel if we lived in the same place we might be like, ‘Oh, I really liked you at a distance’,” the actress, who now lives in Los Angeles, said. d “It’s quite exciting when we see each other. He was in Harry Potter and he’s been in lots of U.K. TV shows. He was in Upstairs Downstairs.”  She added, “I get more work than him! If the shoe was on the other foot and he was getting more work than I, I think I would get jealous. He’s happy to come to my events and hold my purse. I don’t think I would be happy the other way around… He’s great for collaboration and encouragement.”

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