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Florence Pugh Reveals Why She Slept Through 2020 Oscar Nominations Ceremony

As many of her colleagues sat in eager anticipation to learn whether they were among the 2020 Oscar nominees, the Little Women star was in a deep slumber. It was only once her agent called her with the news that the star sat up in bed—topless—to learn she was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role as Amy in Greta Gerwig’s film Little Women. She shared this candid experience with a photo and the caption: “Before the moment.. the exact moment.”

Of course, if she expected to be nominated, the star might’ve been more photo-ready. But she tells E! News’ Will Marfuggi she really didn’t know what would happen the next morning. “Everybody last night kept being like, ‘Are you going to be awake? Are you going to?'” she explains. “And I was like well, I can’t do that now because everybody is going to give me a panic attack because everybody was so angsty about it.”

When the news finally did come out, the star was notified by her publicist who instructed her to leave her volume on high, which only made the news of her nomination that much more jarring. She jokes, “That’s another thing, no one’s going to call me to be like, ‘Hey love! Sorry, I just woke you up—didn’t happen.’ So when it was ringing, it was like this is it!”

As for that photo, the star says she couldn’t care less about her state of dress, or rather, undress. “You know that thing where you need to turn down the music to think better? It was kinda like I was getting too excited that I needed to take the phone away from my ear, so I put it on speaker and I was just staring at the number ticking by. I had to post it, it was just pure joy,” the 24-year-old shares.

Clearly, finding out about her nomination was a moment of total happiness, but the real celebrations will come later when the star is able to go for a walk and “scream for a second.” She says that throughout the day she feels the need to be “so composed,” so she welcomes the chance to let loose. In fact, later in the day, the star took to her Instagram Story to reveal she was kicking back and sipping on her favourite and much-deserved cocktail. Congratulations, Florence!

Hopefully, she and Greta Gerwig will make history on the big night. Although, it must be mentioned Little Women is only the 14th Best Picture to be directed by a woman, in addition to being the 3rd Best Picture that was written, directed and produced by a woman. Nonetheless, fingers crossed!

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