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Courtney Stodden is Happy By Having Plastic Surgery

Courtney Stodden plastic surgery

Courtney Stodden SurgeryCourtney Stodden said that life without dough is pretty fine,,, Though she acknowledged that her husband has played a role in her burgeoning career, the 19-year-old singer says, referring to her signature look, that “physically speaking, he was not involved in that.

“He was not involved when I was taking the decision of plastic surgery. He did want me to do hair extensions and when I said about redoing my eyelashes he says no. she continued, squealing with laughter. “I was like a little girl, [asking] ‘Can I wear eyelashes?!’ It was kind of like that. He did not want me to falsify myself I feel like I am little girl who is seeking permission. He was in love with me. He said you look perfect this way, he like all natural and organic things. He loved me the way I am.

The Couples Therapy alum saidadded that I am responsible for myself as I put myself like this pout there. ‘Oh, you’re like a sex object, how could you do that to yourself?’  What you have done to yourself? Just look at this girl and dadadada daaaaa.  People judge,she shrugged But I am happy the way I look I am confident and bold.  And Stodden actually isn’t as enhanced as some people think. Aside from the boob job, she tells us that all she has done (besides the hair extensions and eyelashes that is) is recently get lip injections.

It didn’t hurt, but “it was a little freaky, to be honest,” she said As she moves on with her life, Stodden insists that she doesn’t care if people have the wrong idea about her. “I know some people think I’m a walking contradiction, because I say I’m a Christian…I’m not doing a porn, but I look this way and I know people are like, [gasp] ‘You’re, like a contradiction, what is this girl?’ But you know, I’m doing my own thing. I’m not ashamed of the way I look.

“I’m a confident girl, I’m happy. And honestly I think that’s all that matters—following your heart, looking the way you want to look, dress what you want to dress. As long as you aren’t hurting anybody else, I think you’re fine.”

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