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Carrie Underwood Wants Cows

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The 32-year-old singer – who has a nine-month-old son, Isaiah, with husband Mike Fisher – has fond memories of growing up on a cattle farm so is keen to have her own animals on her countryside estate in Tennessee. She said: ”We’re still in the early stages of planning our house. It’s very quiet here, which is just how we like it. ”And we want cows, chickens, goats, horses, and our two dogs, Penny and Ace, wandering freely on the land. ”I want cows for no reason, they can just be happy and roam. I grew up on a cattle farm and had certain cows I loved and they knew me.Carrie Underwood

”I bottle-fed calves in our front yard, those who had a rougher start in life. As soon as I found out what happened to them – when I was 13 – I stopped eating beef.” Though Carrie has been vegan since she was 21, she insists she never inflicts her views on other people. She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: ”My husband and parents still eat meat, but it’s not OK for me so I don’t. And I feel a lot healthier for it. ”But I don’t preach to others or try and convert them. I stay balanced and calm about what I believe.”

Source: tv3.ie

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