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Autopsy Reveals Scars On Whitney Houston’s Body

Whitney Houston Pictures

Whitney Houston PicturesThe autopsy of world’s best-selling music artists Whitney Houston revealed number of scars on her body.

According to the coroner’s report Whitney Houston’s body shows all about her troubled life. Her body is discovered with a mix of scars, burns, cuts and abrasions most of which are several years old. She was also found with a hole in her nasal septum for cocaine use along with the burns she got during her death in hotel bathtub.

A puncture mark was visible on her arm and extensive cosmetic surgery marks on chest, thighs and stomach. Her 11 teeth were missing and also had signs of heart and liver disease.

Whitney Houston had a notoriously violent relationship with husband Bobby Brown. She also carried injection marks and scars from 13 cosmetic operations.

This all seems really very gruesome revealed all through Whitney Houston’s body autopsy.

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