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Angelina Jolie Has Three New Tattoos 2016

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Before Angelina Jolie shacked up with Brad Pitt and adopted half the children from every third world country on Earth, she had a reputation as a bit of a wild-child during her younger days. There was the rock n’ roll whirlwind lifestyle, the accumulation of countless tattoos all across her body, a couple of ill-fated marriages, some Game of Thrones-esque PDA with her brother, and even a bit of Mick Jagger thrown in there somewhere. Today she’s dropped the crazy lifestyle and Mick Jagger, found a loving husband and family, and turned herself a wildly-successful Hollywood superstar who dabbles in philanthropy.

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Angelina Jolie New Tattoo

Whilst it’s great to see how she flipped her life around, it seems like Angelina still carries a little bit of former rebellious self around. During the filming of her new movie in Cambodia, some cheeky photos taken of Angelina on set reveal that she has not one, not two, but three new tattoos. For the record, that brings Angelina’s tattoo count to around 15. That we know of anyway. We’re not 100% what those new tattoos are about, but we do know that she can still definitely rock a tattoo or three.

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