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Actress Nicole Kidman is a Good Gambler

Secret in Their Eyes Nicole Kidman

The ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban – with whom she has daughters Sunday, seven, and Faith, five – are frequent visitors to Las Vegas, and the country singer always finds his wife wins more than she loses. He said: ”She’s very good. She’s disciplined.” However, the 48-year-old actress – who also has grown-up children Isabella and Connor from her marriage to Tom Cruise – insists she is always cautious with her money and only bets ”a little amount” then quits while she’s ahead.

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Nicole Kidman

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ”Well I’m not very good. I have a little amount of money, I go and bet that and then I’m done. ”I’m that kind of gambler, I’m not going to bet the house.” Meanwhile, Nicole adores her husband’s ”passion” when it comes to his work. She gushed about the 48-year-old star’s upcoming LP: ”It is such a crazy good album. ”I’ve been living with all the songs — and even the songs that didn’t make the album. I’ve seen the work he puts into it and the love. He’s a musician, so every little tiny detail is all him, and I love that. I love that he’s passionate about his music.”

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