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Children’s Day 2012

childrens day 2012

International Children's Day 2012

In 2012, once again we commemorate children around the globe on children’s day. The event, marked in 1954 and followed since, supports that children should be allowed to study instead of made to work, doing dangerous work and employed for long working hours. In view of protecting children, children’s day celebrations focus on elimination of child labour, promotion of education, riddance of child abuse and the overall welfare of children globally. In some countries, the day is celebrated in both June and November. In other countries, it takes place annually on 20th November.

Children’s day celebrations are no different from mother’s day and father’s day celebrations. Parents and other elders of the family give gifts to their children. Schools arrange field trips for children and take them on picnics with lots of snacks and foods for special occasions. The idea behind children’s day celebrations is not limited to making your own children special but also to make the unprivileged children and orphans special as well. Parents take their children to children charities where they learn to help others in need. They learn to share their gifts and their thoughts with those who do not have the means to be as privileged as other children.

Children’s day celebrations also include focus and emphasis on education and child empowerment. Children are taught to respect their elders, keep their home and country clean, help the needy, focus on studies and aim for higher education as well as be more disciplined and ambitious. Children are reminded how they can make the world a better place to live and how they can change and improve the future for the better.

In countries such as Spain, Slovakia, Japan, Turkey, Tunisia and Thailand, children’s day is celebrated in the first half of the year. Event planners publicize the children’s day celebrations and organize fun fairs, fundraisers and other games of interest. Swings are set up for children in national parks, stalls of foods and snacks ranging from cotton candy to hot dogs, chips and juice, toffee and little sweets are the key attractions for children. Girls are seen buying dolls whereas boys are seen buying toy cars and planes. Educationalists and other prominent figures, prime ministers, presidents and leaders of states give speeches on this day emphasizing the importance of children and how they hold the future in their hands. These speeches are very motivational and encourage the young blood.

June onwards, children’s day is celebrated in yet so many countries. In Costa Rica, the event is celebrated on September 9, in Vanuata on 24 July, in Uruguay it is celebrated in August, in El Salvador on 1 October and in United States, Egypt, Finland and Suriname the Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November each year. The event is celebrated at various times in various countries but with a lot of excitement and compassion. The real objective behind this day is that every day is children’s day. Children demand love and require constant attention and the rights of children should never be violated.

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