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Carnivals Around The World

Carnivals Around the World

Carnivals Around the WorldCarnival is a Christian festival celebrated in many countries around the world. The history of carnivals takes us back to the time when the people of old Europe thought that the reason of the dark and cold winters was caused by evil. When the spring came, people celebrated it whole heartedly to drive away the winter evils. Carnivals usually involve a public celebration and a parade. It is basically a festival of colors which is more enhanced with the help of costumes, masks, music and dance. Here are some of the famous carnivals that are celebrated around the world:

1. Carnival Paris

The Paris carnival occurs right after the Feast of Fools and it has been occurring since the sixteenth century. Rio carnival is also inspired by this carnival. Paris carnival is prepped by feasts, parades and costume balls. The parade of Paris carnival starts from Place Gambetta and its final destination is the Town Hall. This is the peak time of the carnival because a fatted calf is paraded through the streets as a reminder of the beginning of the meatless period of Lent.

2. Carnival Toronto

The Caribana carnival of Toronto is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions introduced by the immigrants of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and Jamaica.  The Caribana carnival of Toronto runs for two weeks and represents the carnivals that take place in Trinidad and Tobago. The main events of this carnival are j’ouvert, fetes and the bands.

3. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

The carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the competition of Samba schools. The parade consists of 5000 dancers who dance and parade for 90 minutes on the beat of loud samba music. This dance and parade is done on 800m road. Moreover, a moment of patriotism is seen in this festival as 10-12 schools participate in this competition and they all say “Oh Brazil!” a thousand times while dancing.

4. Carnival Portugal

Carnivals are celebrated throughout Portugal. Although Portugal introduced Christianity but most carnivals in Portugal are Brazilian style. Like Rio de Janeiro, Portugal carnival also consists of parades, dancers and loud samba music.

5. Carnival Venice

The carnival Venice is famous for its masquerades. There is no such parade in this carnival rather people gather at Piazza San Marco and disguise each other according to his/her own fancy. The carnival becomes more cheerful when the mist comes from the North Alps at the nightfall of the end of winter.

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