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Adele – Queen of Karaoke

Adele Queen of Karaoke

Adele Queen of KaraokeAdele’s songs have become the best picks for every amateur singer holding up the microphone of any bar. Almost 25% of singers pick up her songs. Adele has been crowned as the queen of karaoke scene for 2011 for her unmatched voice and style.

Her number one hit song for 2011 which earned her this title of being the queen of karaoke was Someone Like You. The number proved to be an inspiration or to be more precise, a karaoke application for all the wannabe singers.

May You Feel My Love is the second most popular song of the year. The number is Adele’s version of Bob Dylon. Survey tells that almost 10% amateur singers selected this song to test their voice. It has become a trend to make bundles of covers of whatever Adele sings. According to Lucky Voice’s managing director, their customers show an overwhelming response towards Adele’s numbers just because of her beautiful voice and typical style in contemporary pop.

Rolling in the Deep is a song which is made covers of as if it were a ritual to do so. On inter webs, you must be amazed to know that almost 350,000 posted their renditions of this song. The videos went viral, making it the topic of the day.

The most covered artist of 2011 – queen of karaoke – Adele has become a titan not only of the Billboard charts but a huge success on the karaoke scene too. Adele is a 23 years old English singer famous for her quality voice and typical style in contemporary music.

Adele’s journey as a singer and a song writer started when one of her friends posted her demos on Myspace in 2006. The next year was all Adele’s as she received Brits Award, Critics Choice and BBC sound of 2008. Her albums remained the best sellers throughout. The success of 21 earned Adele numerous mentions in Guinness Book Of World Records. What made her the queen of karaoke was her being the first artist to sell 3 million copies of an album in one year in UK. Adele received two Grammy Awards, one for best new artist, and the other for the best female pop vocal performance.

The doors of fame are wide open for Adele – the queen of karaoke. Lets see where does she take a breath!!!

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