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Kate Moss is effortlessly chic

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Kate Moss always looks extremely fabulous in her whimsical and causal fashion style. She is very original and vulnerable, when it comes to dressing. She does not dress to impress other people like Victoria Beckham. Her style is completely unpredictable, goes with the flow of her feelings and it’s totally chic and sweet with a touch of pepper.

Kate Moss takes inspirations from vintage photographers of rock chicks from the 60s, revelers at New York’s Studio 54, 1920s flappers in exquisitely beaded dresses. She always adds a bit of her own charm in other people’s style and that become idiosyncratically her own.

Kate Moss never looks ‘done’ she always prefers a sexy and sassy ‘out of bed’ backcombed  hair. And yes in make-up ‘black eyeliner’ is her favorite darling. She is rarely seen without it, from a simple smudgy look for day, to an elaborate cat eye for evening.

Kate has got an amazing ability to mix and match several pieces that looks just fantastic. She can wear clothes that no one else would dream of putting together. She teamed 1930s silk nightdresses with boots and few people had seen anything so original. She mixes expensive with cheap, vintage with modern chic styles. ‘Luxury-meets-causality’ is the root theme of her effortlessly trendy style.

She pairs skinny jeans with waistcoats, blazers, shaggy fur coats and wears them with sexy boots and chic sandals that look so young and fresh.

Simplicity is the one word that can describe her fashion sense, she’s never too laden with jewelry, simple yet incredibly and effortlessly chic is the style that this young lady is blessed with.

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