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Latest Jewelry Trend in Celebrities

Celebrities are looked upon as the shining stars and are impersonated by their fans. Celebrities set fashion trends and are models for common people. People idealize their favorite celebs while they pick and choose for the latest hair and make-up trends as well as the outfits.

The latest jewelry trends in celebrities are exhibited on events like award shows or other public events where they are in the limelight.  Jewelry trends followed by Megan Fox were shown on the premier of the movie ‘transformer’ at South Korea.

Megan Fox JewelryGold mesh bracelet was worn with plain dress. The plain gold mesh looks classy. At Moscow Megan was seen wearing rose cut diamond earrings. The jewelry trend she followed made her stand out! Also the jewelry trend in celebrities leads their fans to choose the similar pieces of jewels for themselves.

Scarlett Johansson Jewelry TrendsScarlett Johansson set the jewelry trend, as she wore Ruby Stud Earrings on the Academy Awards (2011). Her fans would love to get the look alike piece of earrings to get that chic look and follow the jewelry trends of their favorite celebrity.

Jewelry trend in celebrities egg on the desire in the people to steel their look. Kate Winslet recently did a magazine photo shoot endorsing the classy Elizabeth Taylor look.

Kate Winslet Elizabeth Taylor lookExquisite diamond jewelry trends were brought to light. Jewelry trends in celebrities at present include heavy use of stone in rings and earring as well as gold mesh cuffs and other accessories. Jewelry trends by celebrities who are known to be true fashion icons such as Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift are followed massively.

Lauren Conrad and Hilary Duff
Moreover, the latest celebrity style and trends include new hair dos and make-up art. Recently, Emma Watson was spotted with a unique eye make-up of smoky black and lush gold.

Emma Watson Smoky EyeThis celebrity style was innovative and loved by all.  Not all the celebrity style and trends is to suite everybody but this one will surely look good on any eye shape. Taylor Swift has also set up the trend of putting cat eyeliner for an overall catty look.  This celebrity style looks great on young women. Another celebrity trend that Taylor made popular is the ringlet curls. The lovely twists have become her mark in the Hollywood fashion scene.

Talking about the hair do, Salena Golmez has experimented with her hair a lot and dazzled every time. At the Much Music Awards, Salena had a short curly hair do. Salena’s style and trends are followed by a complete new craze in her fans. Some celebrity trends like the use of color hair extensions and funky perm are popular only because they are carried by such famous celebs. Another tattle of celebrity style and trends for hair do is the effortless look that Kristen Stewart carries.  She looked classy and effortlessly chic in her casual hair do.

Celebs are the trend setters and celebrity fashion trends styles are always in the spot light. To stay updated with latest trends, keep a smart watch on your favorite style icons.

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