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Get a Quick Tan without Tanning

Get Tan without Tanning

Few people, particularly the ones who have fair skins love to get tanned. The golden yellow skin looks incredibly sexy and it’s even not a bad way to give a somewhat different look to yourself. If tanned properly, it could attract many people towards you.

Tan Body

One thing which must be considered every time you attempt to tan yourself is safety. Medical science strictly prohibits tanning beds as it may present risk to your skin. Better and safer way is to get tan without Tanning beds. Tanning at saloons may cost you fortune and may be you either do not afford that price or you simply don’t want to spend that much on getting tanned, so here we have a solutions for you. Let’s see how to get tan without tanning salons safely.

1) Buy Tanning Product:

Avoiding getting tan without tanning salons will not only save you money but also avoid any skin risks you may face. Visit your local drug or grocery store and look for tanning products. Make sure these products do not possess any risk of reaction on your skin. Once everything is cleared buy the product. Generally there are eight light, medium and dark skin tones. Buy the one which you are interested in. But we recommend you to buy lightest available tone if you have light skin.

2) Exfoliate your skin:

Second step in getting tan without tanning salons involve exfoliating of your skin. Take shower and clean your skin well. Use body scrub to exfoliate your skin. It is very important to remove to dead cells which ensure perfect tan without tanning salons. There is another important factor for achieving perfect tan without tanning salons and that is to rinse your body well but be gentle and if you shave your legs then a fresh shave will do well.

3) Dry your skin properly:

Tan without tanning may be bit waiting process but definitely works in favor of your skin. Once you have washed your whole body properly now dry it and wait at least fifteen minutes before applying anything. Once your body is dried, apply a moisturizer on your body. Moisturizer makes sure that you do not get too tanned.

4) Apply tanning product:

Now this is the time to apply tanning product on to your body to get a perfect tan without tanning salons. If its cream or gels then apply it evenly on to your body. If you are using spray for tanning then spray your body evenly but do not spray on to your face. When applying tanning spray on to your face, best method would be to spray the tanner on to your hands and then rub it on to your face.

5) Wash Hands:

You may get dark palms from tanning product if you do not wash your hand straight away after using it. Remain naked for at least fifteen minutes, it will ensure that the tanner you applied is dry enough. Depending on place and tanning product, it may take up to 2 hours to get tan without tanning salons. This may last up to six to seven days. You can re-apply tan once it start fading.

The steps mentioned above are the best and safest way to get tan without tanning beds or salons. If it’s your first time getting tanned then use of lotions instead of sprays are highly recommended as lotions are easiest of both to apply.

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