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How to Choose the Best Spa Facial for Your Skin

Spa facials offer plenty of choices, some of which aren’t available at home, but you won’t get the best of your spa treatment unless you know what to ask for. Find out how to choose the best spa facial for your skin and pick the treatments that have the best effects.

From knowing your skin to finding out the pros and cons of each type of spa treatment, it’s always better to make an informed choice instead of relying solely on the advice of a spa consultant. Here’s how to choose the best spa facial.

Make Sure You’re Safe

Hygiene is very important in any spa, and you shouldn’t be wary of asking for information about this topic. A good spa specialist is always ready to explain all the hygienic procedures used to make sure the health of the clients is always a top priority. This is especially important for any treatment that involves a hot tub, but it can also affect any of the utensils used during spa facial treatments.

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Don’t try a lot of treatments on your first visit to a spa. Choose one or two simple ones, that focus on your main issues. You can always add more on subsequent visits, but getting a procedure with many possible side effects on your try is rarely a good idea.

Know Your Skin

Getting to know your complexion is a very important step in being able to choose the right spa facial or body treatment. Based on your skin type and on the problems you’ve dealt with, you can more easily decide if you need a deep moisturizing treatment, an exfoliation miracle or simply… the works.

Don’t forget about allergies! Mention them to the spa staff every time you’re trying a new treatment. Most spa facial products include a long list of ingredients, even if they’re organic, so it’s always important to make sure you’re not going to be exposed to any allergens that might cause an unpleasant reaction. Ask for tested hypoallergenic treatments when possible.

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If your skin is sensitive to heat or to certain chemicals, don’t be afraid to mention that to your spa consultant, in order to make sure that your treatment has a positive outcome without any drawbacks or problems that could sour your spa experience.

Avoid the Exotic or New Spa Facial Treatments

Spa workers will always try to convince you to try “the next big thing”, but it’s usually wise to stick to what you know for a while. If a treatment is that good, it’ll spread fast and the more people try it, the higher the chances of revealing unpleasant side-effects.

The same principle should be applied for spa facials that contain “new” exotic plant extracts. If you’re getting a facial before an important event, avoid anything you haven’t tried before, since there’s always a risk of problems, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can try new things when you’re under less pressure to look your best.

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Learn What Every Spa Facial Does

If you know what most spa facial products do in advance, you’re more likely to make an informed choice. Visit the website of the spa you’re planning on visiting or call and get more details about certain procedures before trying them out. Your skin might be very dry or greasy on the day of your appointment, so make sure you point that out to your spa consultant, who might recommend a treatment you don’t need.

Focus on each problem area and choose a treatment for it instead of purchasing a full package. You might spend a bit more this way, but it’s the right way to make sure the spa facial treatments you’re getting will do the most for your skin.

If you’re not simply going in for a gentle hydration and exfoliation, you should get info in advance about the stronger treatment options. AHAs are safe in most spa facial products, but they can still irritate your skin for a few hours, or even days if you’re very sensitive. Any treatment with acids (like glycerol acid) or steam can also have unwanted side-effects.

When you’re choosing a peeling spa facial, but want to avoid chemical exfoliates, your best bet is microdermabrasion. Similar procedures have special rules you should always follow. Even if the spa staff doesn’t offer information, always ask if there’s anything important you should know. Some spa facial treatments require you to stay out of the sunlight for a limited time, others shouldn’t be repeated sooner than a few weeks or even months.

Keep your expectations in check and enjoy your spa day as an informed customer, because you’re always better off once you know how to choose the best spa facial for your skin.

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