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Amanda Seyfried on New Givenchy Scent, Social Media

NEW YORK — Amanda Seyfried had two big reveals Tuesday night: She unveiled the new Givenchy Very Irresistible fragrance that she is the face of and a teeny baby bump. “There’s this weird infusion of [femininity] because of Riccardo [Tisci] and his designs. It’s funky, yet there is still this line to the classic, Givenchy feel,” she told WWD during an interview before heading off to dinner at the Baccarat Hotel in Midtown here. Clad in an all-black ensemble — a dramatic smokey eye and sheer minidress with a black blazer over it to carefully conceal her bump until revealing she was expecting later that evening — Seyfried presented a juxtaposition to the girly, whimsical fragrance she’s fronting. The fourth scent in the Very Irresistible collection is encased in a hot pink package and comes with a corresponding heavy-on-the-pink ad campaign. But it still has that signature Givenchy feel, Seyfried said, pointing to the geometric spikes infused into the glass bottle.

Amanda Seyfried

“He kind of funks it up and makes everything more interesting in that it’s wearable, but it’s absolutely its own thing, which is hard to do. There’s an energy to it that I can relate to. It’s fun and adventurous,” said the actress, who’s been the face of the fragrance line for four years. She compared the new fragrance to Clinique Happy — a scent she wore in the late Nineties that left her feeling “so energized.” “It’s not the same [though]. The line is…everything so Parisian and French but Americanized; it’s sugary and has rose and orange blossom,” said the almost 31-year-old actress, alternating between sipping tea and eating honey right from a mini jar. “It’s what I felt wearing Clinique Happy, and now that I’m an adult – it [Very Irresistible] works for me.” She then reflected on how social media the past several years has influenced everything from getting the word out about a nonprofits she’s passionate about to posting about her farm animals and dog.Seyfried on New Givenchy

She admitted that she’s still trying to suss out her social media “strategy” and figure out the right way to get the message out about her Very Irresistible campaign to her two million Instagram followers. She was adamant about one thing she’ll never do: pose with another celebrity at an event to get more followers. “Something about that leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” she said, quickly adding that while it “always feels good to have more followers” one has to ask why all these people are following them. “And then again, for some people it’s mindless entertainment — and we need that, too.” “That power is insane,” she continued, listing platforms from Instagram and Snapchat to YouTube. “Thats the thing — as long as you’re promoting something that means something to you, I think you can continue to have integrity in your social media. Social media is a tough one; I want to pay attention but not too much attention, but still pay attention.”

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