Letter To My Husband To Save Our Marriage

For those interested in how to save your marriage, it can be done if you just know how. It’s not uncommon for folks to just give up, I admit. People reach the point to where nobody wants to give in at all, or else people just feel trapped and don’t know how to get back to where they were when they started their life journey together.

And it can be real hard to believe you can save your marriage when half of them terminate in divorce and you feel helpless. Ironically, one of the best ways to begin to save your marriage is to start at the starting block.

Consider how you can probably recall situations where gentle response was able to stave off wrath. Have you every displayed love and kindness to your spouse when they were angry. Of maybe you even acted romantically. After all, romance is where the two of you got your start.

In truth, it was not a very realistic scenario. You had the luxury of getting together with your spouse when you could truly put everything out of your mind and meet them in a place of no worries. When you step into fantasy land, nothing is important but them. You can focus totally on them, because you’re only escaping reality for a short while. You go back home alone and clean the clutter, take care of the mail, deal with phone messages, feed the cat, and deal with life.

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As much as we might like to live in la-la land, the fact remains that the real world awaits. Add kids to the mix and you’ll see that your mate may no longer hold the pole position. Consider too how the Federal Reserve has printed so much fiat money that you have no purchasing power left to speak of.

So, it’s actually the norm that both husband and wife are out trying to earn a living to keep the bills paid. This only makes the relationship tougher to sustain, since they don’t spend much time together, instead spending their waking hours with strangers that only become increasingly familiar, but you can still save your marriage.

Being romantic is, indeed, an integral key to save your marriage. If you just slip away for dinner, this can be a big deal. Can you even remember the last time you did that? Try to get a babysitter. It can be hard, I know. However, there is usually a grandparent, relative, or friend who can help. If you can get away together, you’ll have time for affection and will prefer it over friction.

If you simply cannot get a babysitter, what if you take the whole crew to the playground? They will like to play, and chances are you two can get some time alone apart from the 10 minutes you have in bed before you doze off. Try little things like dropping little love letters in places your spouse will find too.

In closing, you want to be attentive to your spouse. You need to think about their thoughts and feelings. Give them your ear to listen to what they have to say. If you just give them the chance to voice their cares, you can be amazed at how this can improve how they feel about their connection with you and this can work to save your marriage.

As they say, the little things make the big difference. Even holding that kiss a little longer or grabbing a cup of coffee for your mate before yourself can be a big deal and be a building block to save your marriage.

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A lot of people are under the impression that once a divorce is in the works, the act has been cast in concrete. After all, if the couple really wants to dissolve their union, then there’s no chance they could change their minds. Or is there? Most people who file for divorce believe that their marriages are so broken that they can’t be repaired.

Much as they might have preferred marital bliss “’til death do us part”, they see no other options. However, there is seldom such a thing as too late in marriage, and divorce proceedings can be aborted. You may wonder how to stop a divorce, and the answer would lie in consulting with a marriage coach.

A marriage coach is not the same thing as a marriage counselor or a couples counselor. Whereas counselors work to explore feelings, a coach helps the couple come up with constructive ways to save their marriage. A marriage coach works on the premise that almost every marriage can be saved.

Even though many people today are considering marriage to be an obsolete institution, most of us still realize that it is a precious commodity and the core of any happy, cohesive family life. The reason divorce has become so much more prevalent today is that many people don’t go into a marriage committed to a lifetime with that one spouse.

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Many marriages split up because one or both of the partners are having affairs on the side. This is a very painful situation that needs to be handled with care. An experienced marriage coach will have the resources to do so. What each one of us needs to realize is that marriage to one person is most likely not very different from marriage to someone else. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and although you may be viewing the other side of the fence as being greener, once you get over there, you’ll find that there are just as many weeds as you’d been experiencing back on the other side.

A divorce is a painful, expensive decision to make. So many people get hurt in the crossfire. We can see just how problematic the divorce situation is today by examining any group of children. Within that group there will be those with single parents, those with step parents, some trying to adjust to step siblings, and some who cry themselves to sleep at night because Daddy doesn’t come home any more. Is it really worth all of this pain and chaos to exchange one difficult relationship for another? Wouldn’t it be better to work with a marriage professional who could show you how to stop divorce and work to build a healthier marriage?

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Allow me to cut to the chase. I shall tell you the key thing that I learned to save my marriage and that is you can’t save a marriage or maintain healthy one by endless self-sacrifice.

What I mean by this is that you can’t save your marriage by continuously trying to reach compromises. They do nothing that is really reliable enough to save your marriage. This can possibly work when you have a relatively healthy marriage that may have some fights here and there. However this is simply not the case when your marriage is seriously interval where your spouse is filing for a divorce.

For instance take my own marriage into consideration. My husband wanted to have a divorce but I really wanted to keep the marriage going. What I did to try to save my marriage was to get my husband to reach a compromise. It was clear as day that my husband really wanted to end the marriage and seeing this made me quite desperate and I would beg and plead for him to not let this happen. This will only make your situation worse than it was before.

What should you do you ask? You should play the game according to the rules that were set. Begging with your spouse is completely out of the question. You cannot the passion that was there before by begging and pleading. It will not get your spouse to love you more since you are showing that you are pathetic. You have to do the opposite and show that you are inaccessible to him or her because people always want the things that they cannot have. I have learned this the hard way and was fortunate enough to save my own marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Are you suffering from emotional exhaustion from living with a narcissistic husband? First thing you need to remember is that you’re not alone in this horrible situation. There are many people especially us women who have gone through some worst case scenarios with their abusive partners.

It’s a very strong emotional pain to be mentally and verbally abused by someone that we love. It even becomes too hard when you don’t have any choice but to continue living with a narcissistic spouse.

I have a friend who’s so addicted to her narcissistic husband like a drug! She thinks about ending the relationship but she just can’t. She’s feeling very depressed, anxious and obsessive with wanting to know what his abusive husband is doing when he’s not with her.

She continues to give her narcissistic husband everything because she’s afraid of him walking out on them. Narcissism is a mental disorder and giving him everything is just like providing treatment for an illness which eventually only leads to a dead end.

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A person with a narcissistic personality disorder cannot be treated. Maybe at one point you’ll attempt to help your abusive husband by seeking therapy but getting treatment is next to impossible. I highly suggest that you get out of this abusive relationship as fast as possible or you’re just going to be emotionally exhausted your whole life.

Some women don’t have any choice and they have to continue living with their narcissistic husband. If this is your case then you just have to play along with him but you can do this while having advantage over him. You can manipulate him by constantly praising him. This alone will empower yourself and will make you realize that it is you that’s really controlling him.

The most important concept that you need to realize is that you don’t need anyone especially your abusive husband to make you happy. You are a complete person before you even met him and you’re still going to be whole even if he walks out on you.

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