5 Best Foods for New Moms

Having a baby is a wonderful experience and a joyous occasion for any woman. But along with the birth of the bay also comes responsibilities. Every woman is put in a dilemma of losing all the extra pounds gained during the pregnancy and also eating healthy after the baby has come.

Even after the birth a woman has to eat for two as she needs to keep the baby healthy. Irrespective of breast feeding a new mom needs to have all the nutrients she could possibly have to take good care of her baby and be strong for her. Here are some best foods for new moms.

1. Salmon

Like any other fish, salmon has omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the body as a whole. Additionally salmon also has a type of fat called as the DHA. DHA is found in breast milk in small quantities and is good for the baby’s nervous system. Twice a week serving of salmon increases the levels of DHA in a new mom and is good for her and her baby. Although salmon is good, a pregnant woman must take care of how much salmon she eats as it can contain mercury. Other seafood is also good but she has to stay away from mackerel as mercury levels are pretty high in that.

2. Low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter are a great option to get the necessary vitamin D, Vitamin B and calcium for a new mom. These vitamins and calcium not only help the new mother but also strengthens the bones of the new born baby if the mother is into breast feeding. Milk is essential as it strengthens her. Wholesome milk is also good if you are not worried about the fat content in it.

3. Lean beef

Not everyone is a great fan of fish. New mothers who are not into fish can go for a diet with lean beef two or three times a week. Lean meat with the fat trimmed off is a good source of Iron as well as vitamin B12 and protein. It also gives energy to the new mother that helps her take care of the baby efficiently.

4. Brown rice and legumes

A new mother might be tempted to forego the carbohydrates to cut down on the weight. But this is a bad way to lose weight as lack of carbohydrates will make her weak and sluggish and prone to temper tantrums. Brown rice is rich in carbohydrates and legumes are a good source of fibers. Legumes are also a healthy option for vegetarians or new mothers who have to worry about finances.

5. Leafy greens and bread

Greens like kale are also a must and a best food for new mothers. It has iron, folic acid and fiber. Not only will she be energetic and active with this food, it will also make her feel lighter. Bread is not bad at all no matter what people say about it.

A new mother needs to get as many nutrients in her as possible. She needs to stay strong for herself and her baby.

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