Huge Panic over ‘Family’s Relevancy’ Months after Prince George Born Exposed

THE CAMBRIDGE’s were keen to shelter Prince George from the limelight on his birth in 2013. A tough decision, explained a royal expert, that risked their being “relevant” as senior members of the Royal Family in the public’s eye.

To the delight of many royal watchers, Prince George was born – nearly seven years ago. He gears up to celebrate his birthday in July, though celebrations will likely be subdued due to the coronavirus outbreak.

George’s mum, Kate Middleton, and dad, Prince William, are known for their comparatively faceless way of living out their royal roles. Like the Queen, they aim to serve the people, disclose little about their personal lives, and fulfil their duties without the persecution of the media. Yet, it hasn’t always been this easy for them.

Kate was famously hounded by the press during her courtship with Will, with journalists at one point flocking to wherever Kate may be to snap a picture of her – what must have been a traumatic period in her life. And so, with the birth of their first child, George, came the momentous decision of how to go about shaping his present in the public’s eye. The family initially decided to keep George from being saturated in the media world.

But speaking to E! News last month, CNN’s royals commentator, Victoria Arbiter, revealed how the decision conflicted with Kate and William’s desire to stay “relevant”. Ms Arbiter said their concern rested with the fact that the public might tire of the secrecy. She said: “It is very sensible to keep George out of the spotlight for as long as possible, but you also are walking a tricky road—because the minute the British public becomes disinterested, that’s when you start the slippery slope.

“Because if they are not relevant anymore and people are not interested, then what is the point?” Earlier on in the interview, Ms Arbiter offered her opinion on the ordeal that saw George separated from what would become his very public life. Her words to a certain extent ring true as George will likely one day become king, currently third in line to the throne. Ms Arbiter: “The biggest surprise, really, even though William and Kate are so private, is that he has been seen in public so rarely.

“I know it seems daft, he is 21 months old. “You don’t want to take him to engagements and such just yet. “But I think there is going to be a point where the British public are going to say, ‘Hang on a minute, why aren’t we seeing George?'” With George being their first child, the new parents were tasked with learning to bring a child up on the job. The Duke of Cambridge initially won praise for his effortless attempt at putting the young prince into their car from the hospital. Yet, it was not first time luck, as Kate disclosed they had practiced countless times in order to nail the daunting task.

Given it was a global moment, both televised and heavily photographed, Kate told of how they wanted to get it right and without a hitch. During the “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” podcast earlier this year, Kate revealed how William had practiced the manoeuvre countless times before.

She said: “We were like ‘What do we do – in a swaddle?’

“‘How’s this supposed to work?’

“We’d even tried to practise with a little baby, like a little doll, at home, but you know it just never works out the way you planned it so it was quite hard to do that on the world’s stage, but no, he did a very good job.”

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