Ghislaine Maxwell Holed Up In Paris Avoiding Extradition?

A very badly-timed tabloid article this week is claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein, is hiding in Paris avoiding extradition charges. If you read actual news at all, you’ll already know how bogus that claim is. 

This week, the Globe published an article alleging that Maxwell is currently holed up in France so as to avoid being brought before a US court on charges of sex trafficking. “Ghisaine is moving locations every month to keep private investigators and potential assassins off her tail,” a rather dramatic so-called “source” tells the outlet. “She wants to remain in France to take advantage of extradition laws.”

Maxwell’s move is supposedly “great” for Prince Andrew, who has also been accused of involvement in the trafficking ring. “Looks like the prince has dodged a real bullet,” an extremely suspicious “royal source” says. Prosecutors “won’t be able to get her to the U.S. to rat out Andrew at an actual trial,” the tabloid writes.

As wild guesses go, this wasn’t the worst one the tabloid could have gone with. Maxwell did spend some time in hiding following Epstein’s arrest, and she does hold French citizenship. However, as was widely reported Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on charges of conspiracy and perjury on July 2.

It was also reported that Maxwell had been “hiding out” in New England for the past year – clearly, the tabloid was pulling its story out of thin air. What exactly this means for Prince Andrew is still unclear, though as various outlets have noted, pressure has been mounting for the royal to give it up and come forward.

Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein has proved a real gift for bored supermarket tabloids on the hunt for the next big scandal. In December of last year, Gossip Cop busted the Globe’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, for claiming that Queen Elizabeth had named Prince William as her heir apparent after the scandal.

Apparently, Prince Charles hadn’t done enough to mitigate the public relations disaster his brother had caused. However, as Gossip Cop explains on an almost weekly basis, the queen does not have the authority to fire the heir apparent. That position is determined by parliamentary law, and can only be changed by an act of Parliament.

Several months later, another tabloid got in on the action. In May, Woman’s Day asserted that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were “homeless” due to money troubles. “He’s losing everything from his royal reputation to his home,” a supposed “insider” stated.

But the “home’ in question was their ski chalet in Switzerland, which they’d only bought in 2014. Rest assured that, international sex trafficking scandal notwithstanding, the Duke and Duchess of York are not living on the street.

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