Irina Shayk NOT Dating Justin Theroux After Split With Bradley Cooper

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Irina Shayk moving on from Bradley Cooper with Justin Theroux. Has anything changed in that year? Let’s find out.

The original story came from Woman’s Day which claimed Cooper’s ex-girlfriend Shayk had started dating Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Theroux. As an un-named and therefore unreliable source told the magazine that Shayk felt comfortable with Theroux but wanted to take things slow. “She turned down an invitation to his birthday dinner” the alleged insider added.

Going to a birthday party wouldn’t really be confirmation of a relationship and sounds like the tabloid was preparing for when Shayk would inevitably not go to said dinner. Gossip Cop debunked that story as E!, a far more reliable source, confirmed that Shayk was not interested in dating anyone following her split.

In the year since our initial bust, Theroux and Shayk have not been spotted anywhere together. The Daily Mail saw Theroux with actress Lauren Norvelle back in December, though that could have simply been to grab lunch. Us Weekly spotted Shayk with art-dealer Vito Schnabel as recently as April, though that relationship is more speculative than fact as well.

Cooper, always a hot topic for tabloids, snuck into the 2020 Academy Awards seemingly without a big-name date. He and Shayk are on good terms and were friendly with each other at the 2020 British Vogue Fashion and Film Party. If Cooper, Shayk or Theroux are indeed seeing people, they are all keeping it on the down low.

This tabloid loves throwing celebrities together in whatever dating rumor they can cobble up. Cooper is constantly the subject of rumors regarding him and his A Star is Born costar Lady Gaga. Woman’s Day have repeatedly run stories where these two are together and we have repeatedly busted them. Gaga has stressed publicly time and again that she and Cooper are just friends.

Gaga’s public rebuke hasn’t stopped this tabloid though. They ran a story in June 2019 saying both Gaga and Shayk were pregnant with Cooper’s children. One year after this story neither Gaga nor Shayk had any babies, so Gossip Cop was right to bust them.

Another Woman’s Day pairing claimed Cooper was dating Jennifer Garner. A supposed source said the two were “taking their friendship to the next level.” They were not, Gossip Cop concluded. Cooper is more focused on raising the daughter he had with Shayk than pursuing a relationship.

This tabloid hasn’t stopped pairing Theroux either. In March, it claimed he and Katie Holmes were dating. The only evidence the magazine had for this random pairing was that both lived in New York. If geography is the only proof it can muster, then Gossip Cop will not hesitate to call foul.

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