Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Getting $500 Million Divorce?

Are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi headed for a $500 million divorce? That’s what one tabloid is claiming. In a recent piece by In Touch, the magazine alleges the spouses are “at the breaking point” and “friends” don’t think the two will make it to the end of the summer.

Why is this? A so-called insider claims the couple has been “fighting nonstop” and what they’re going through is more than a “rough patch.” The supposed insider continues the friction in DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage has reached an all-time high, but a divorce between the two could become “costly.”

The outlet then focuses on the “rumors” that the couple has been having issues for a while. According to the tabloid, the drama is too much for DeGeneres to handle. “Ellen has a lot on her plate. First, there was employee backlash after her show’s staff was forced to take pay cuts as Ellen started taping from home due to the coronavirus.

Then people started lashing out at her on social media, sharing stories about how mean she is behind the scenes. Now, she’s stressing out about the possibility of her show being axed for good. It’s not looking good,” the dubious insider claims, adding, “Portia wants out! Could it get any worse for Ellen?”

The unnamed source further contends de Rossi “finally” snapped and couldn’t take the “yelling and childish tantrums anymore.” The magazine goes on to state the current epidemic has made things worse for the spouses, which “magnified” existing issues between the two. “There have been jealously issues,” the anonymous tipster continued, adding DeGeneres “knows Portia is stunning and has seen people hit on her at parties, it drives Ellen crazy.”

The story ends with the seemingly untrustworthy stating that there’s no “reversing the situation” this time and that a “$500 million divorce battle will only add to Ellen’s torment.” It seems like every other week Gossip Cop is debunking the narrative that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are splitting up.

The outlet relies on information from an unnamed source, which is a cowardly tactic tabloids often use to spread lies. It’s entirely likely that the so-called source is completely made up. There’s zero proof given that DeGeneres’ talk show is in any danger of cancellation, despite the comedian’s recent scandals. Nor is there any evidence that DeGeneres and de Rossi are truly experiencing marital problems.

About three months ago, we busted In Touch for falsely stating Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were living apart. The outlet maintained the same premise that the two were at a breaking point but time apart would do them some good. The story was completely fabricated but it was proven the couple was in quarantine together.

We also debunked the tabloid, the Globe for asserting DeGeneres was jealous of de Rossi’s cooking show. This was also untrue. DeGeneres has been very supportive of her wife’s hobby and has even shared de Rossi in their kitchen cooking on her social media page. While no marriage is perfect, to push around the themes of “jealously” and “divorce” when it comes to the spouses without any evidence is a bit drastic. In the meantime, 

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