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Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is the most important occasion of a girl’s and a boy’s life. It is the new start of life with your life partner and your further life and future depends on what sort of relation you have with your partner.

Top 10 Best Anniversary Gifts for Men

An anniversary is a beautiful time to reflect your precious time together. Choosing anniversary gifts for men is quite easier nowadays, due to the availability of several gift brands and innovative ideas.

Simple ways to Make your Husband Happy

You (As a women) can carry out the whole lot, nothing is not viable for you but the no more than mania that you come across easier said than done is to unearth the ways to make happy your husband.

8 Things to Ask Before you Say Yes

For a decade, love and arrange marriages were ubiquitous issue; in fact, it’s a legitimacy of life that can never die. Our parents select our soul mate and they don’t like to take our scrutiny, but they should allow their broods for giving their accord.

Ways to Save a Marriage After an Affair

Is your marriage over after an extra marital affair? Affairs often start due to lack of communication among the couples and temptation they get trapped in.

8 Things your Husband Fears about Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but it can turn out in a bigger problem if not carried out properly. In the initial married life, usually the couple is unaware of the marriage difficulties.

Top 10 Secrets of Happily Married Couples

Happy married life doesn’t necessarily come out that you love each other. While love is very important in marriages sometimes it isn’t enough for happy married life and you have to work at your marriage just like work to build your career.

Sexless Marriage Advice for Frustrated Spouses

Marriage is the name of the endless pit of understanding and unshakable relationship between two people who are bound for life.

Warning Signs That your Marriage is in Trouble

These days everybody is aware of the daunting statistics about divorces that is 50 percent of the marriages end in divorces. A marital relationship ends in divorce because both the partners

How to Predict a Cheating Spouse

If you are having trouble with your married life and you believe that the problem is at the other end of the relationship then you definitely need to figure a way out.