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High Roller is The Highest Observation Wheel in Las Vegas Valley

Just yesterday we discussed how half a million dollars could get you your very own platinum portrait. This time we’re adding another zero to that big number courtesy the latest entrant on Las Vega-sphere. Enter, swank property The LINQ and its star, The High Roller.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Boyfriend

Alright ladies so the most awaited day for the love birds are just around the corner. You all must be busy thinking of different and unique ideas to wish your boyfriends so we have brought you some tips this time.

Blind Pug Brought Home By Volunteers @ Klamath Animal Shelter

A blind pug has found a new calling in life after taking up a role as a therapy dog Xander from Klamath Falls in Oregon, U.S., went blind in an accident when he was just one year old and was subsequently put up for adoption However, volunteers at Klamath Animal Shelter, fell for the pug, […]

10 Things to Not Say to Your Vet

As a breed, we veterinarians are not particularly prissy or picky. Indeed, you can generally say anything you wish in our presence. We encourage it, actually.Nonetheless, there are times when you may see.

Top 5 Luxury Resorts on The Blissful Island of Bora Bora

You like islands, beaches and holistic therapies (and I am guessing that you do) you would have definitely heard of Bora Bora! Apart from being termed as French Polynesia’s own personal paradise, it is likely the most famous tropical island in the world.

A New Disney Experience: Frozen Suite’ at the Hotel De Glace

You’re a fan of Disney’s latest movie, Frozen, you can now get a taste of Anna and Elsa’s life in a ‘Frozen Suite’ at the Hôtel de Glace.

Top Five Night Clubs in London

Known as the financial hub of Europe the city of London is also the birthplace of Dubstep, and the place where electronic pop sensations like Nero began their career and took Europe by storm. So whether you’re looking for a pub crawl or bar-hop, nightlife hideouts in London aren’t tough to come by.

5 Luxury Cruise Destinations in Australia

Cruising off the coastline of Australia will give you a unique view of this extraordinary country. Cruises can take you to the far tropical North of Australia or through the cold exhilarating climates of the southern regions around Tasmania.

5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Day brings in celebrations with your family and friends to your home. To welcome your guests with elegance and feast is your foremost desire; moreover you wish they like your efforts. Setting a thanksgiving table in a beautiful and creative way could be fun and it will make the dinner memorable and your guests […]

The 5 Best Luxury Hotels For a Beach Wedding

We gave you the luxurious lowdown on the 10 most stunning hotel properties, which would probably have had you exhilarated. But when it comes to the perfect wedding, simply stunning doesn’t cut it now, does it? Because while “stunning” equals “romance” in most hotel-cases, there is nothing like a property designed especially to look after […]