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Archive for April, 2012

Actress Salma Hayek is Considering Having a Baby on Her Own

Salma Hayek was very seriously considering having a baby on her own before she met her husband.

Make Mini Rose Hedge your Own

Make dull corner of your home colorful with a mini rose hedge crafted by your own just by utilizing some thrown away containers and fresh flowers. Things required: Container Paint Painting brush Roses Water Floral foam Scissor or knife Guidelines to make a mini rose hedge Take a rectangular or square container Paint it with […]

A Cheap getaway

Wine Regions Think you cant go wine tasting with the kiddos? Think again. Wine Regions especially in North America offer tones of activities for the entire family. So you don’t have to keep yourself away from taking a few sips every now and then, while your kids have something even better to keep themselves busy […]

Paint Colors Inspired by Summer

When selecting a paint color, consider your mood first than considering the mood of a room. In a bedroom in summers do you want the feeling

Taking Good Care of your Pet Dog

summer is here and it’s time to go over your pet care routine and revise the dog food patterns according to the summer season.

Body Language to Sexually Attract a Man

It is natural to use body language and gestures to seduce the opposite sex and use different sexual tactics to create your sexual appeal on a person whom you are interested in.

Katie Holmes to Become Hilfiger Ambassador

Katie Holmes is becoming the ambassador to Tommy Hilfiger for their new collection which is called the promise collection.

Tips to Keep Home Clean in Summer

Home tips are always a prerequisite whenever there is a change going on at your place. Issue of the day is the change of season – welcoming the summer – and preparing for it.

Manage your Energy Level at Workplace

For playing an effective role, both physical and mental health is very important. If you are the one who is mentally and physically strong, you can get most out of your job at the workplace.

Get Glowing Skin with Useful Beauty Tips

It is an inborn instinct to have beautiful and gorgeous looks.  Mostly people, when they think about looking beautiful, consider the face skin the most necessary part of the body.